Mostly in our daily lives, we are dealing with a lot of decision-making situations. We are worried about making a decision as assume it is a hard task. Such an idea unwittingly delayed our decision, making it impossible for our plan to proceed as expected — a decision that is shelved is constantly delaying our plan.

“You may delay, but time will not.” — Benjamin Franklin

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

The key killer to make people delay their decision is perfectionism. Many people are facing problems to make their decision to move the first step because they are afraid of imperfections. People will think that they are not well-prepared to make the decision which this situation is by Ali Abdaal in his latest video.

He said that 80% of his students from Part-time YouTube Academy don’t launch their first video because they think those videos aren’t perfect. But the truth is, most people won’t see the first few videos until you have published a lot. People who take perfection too seriously will tend to hold back instead of making a decision to launch the first step.

“Every idea will only be a hallucination until you make a decision.”

Being a perfectionist is good for doing tasks and accomplish multiple missions, but it should not be in before you start doing your decision. When you spend too much time making a decision, you are losing the timing and the opportunities. Perfection should not be the prevention for you to finish something that is good.

One of the fast-growing YouTubers, Jimmy Donaldson, owns a YouTube Channel Mr. Beast with 66.9M subscribers. Every single video in his YouTube Channel that was uploaded in 2019 has over 10 million views, which is insane. However, Mr. Beast started extremely small by shooting his videos with his mobile online.

His videos were not perfect at the beginning. But he can succeed because he made his decision to upload his first video, and then publishing more videos consistently.

Your first step may not be perfect. However, you will learn over time after you have made your decision to dive into the journey that you want instead of stop doing nothing.

Being Not Confident and Hold Back Ideas

Many people are stuck in making their decision because they think these are not good ideas. The ideas are not smart enough, so they pull themselves from doing the decisions. Good decision-making is not about creating good ideas. In fact, it is an action to solve a problem, create value and achieve goals.

“A stupid decision that works out well becomes a brilliant decision in hindsight.” — Daniel Kahneman

This statement fits well in this situation. Every successful people don’t know what they were doing before they succeed. We always look into their shiny effects and forgot about how many times they have spent to reach their goals today.

There are no good ideas or bad ideas. They are just ideas that are valuable for people or not. If you can’t make your decision, your idea will only be your reason for procrastination.

Too Many Voices Lead to Distractions

Another reason that makes people unable to make out their minds is too many opinions that are affecting your decisions. When there are too many voices speaking out their opinions, it will affect your mind even though you have decided.

A common case that we could study is people watching reviews about a product. It will always be a good practice to compare different reviews side by side to check out whether a product is worth buying. However, if you won’t decide, you will end up spending a lot of time watching tons of reviews. So, when will you buy it?

Every people have their own opinions and needs. Accepting ideas from different people is useful to generate greater ideas. But our brain needs to filter out the useful information, process it, and eliminate those ideas into actions.

Learning to Cooperate ‘Yes’ and ‘No’

Most people are being too overwhelming because they are saying too many ‘yes’ in their life. There are still people who say too many ‘nos’ and lose a lot of opportunities. Instead, cooperating both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ can help to solve these problems.

It is always a hard phase for people to coordinate their ‘yes’ and ‘nos’ in life. This will lead to a situation that people will rethink their decisions repeatedly.

In a state of reflection, we unknowingly consume a lot of unnecessary time. Sometimes, we even cannot give a simple answer after spending tons of time figuring out the request. If you are facing this issue, a good practice of decision-making should corporate into your life instead of procrastinating your answer until you have decided.

Hell Yeah or No

I like the concept that is brought by Derek Sivers, which is mentioned in his book “Hell Yeah or No”. His idea is so powerful that can boost productivity in life. What he brought from his book is telling people who are suffering hard figuring out when to say ‘no’, if the first reaction is ‘Hell Yeah!’ after getting someone’s request, then do it. If it doesn’t sound exciting, then say no.

Upgrade Your Decision Making

Over time, after implementing the “Hell Yeah or No” principle, try to upgrade your decision-making skills. There are three major factors you need to cooperate with when you are deciding something—other than that will be too overwhelming and distracting.

The goal is the aim that you want to achieve after doing this decision. You need to figure out your goal so that you won’t get lost while making your decision. Make a goal statement for yourself as detailed as possible to make a rational decision.

Personal ability can be your financial ability, personal knowledge, or skills. When you are deciding, you need to make sure the decision that you have made is in your ability. Otherwise, you will give up immediately because it will be too hard for you to continue your decision.

Desire is the key where you find this decision is valuable to make or not. If you are running a business, you must find out the desire of the market to decide.  If you want to decide for yourself, you have to know what is your desire.


People don’t hope to meet failure in life. Thus, deciding to succeed seems to be important for us to prevent those failures. Being a failure is risky. Not all people can stand back up once they fail. Most of the time, people who fail lay down for the rest of their life — this is risky and demotivated.

However, you should not make your decision to be part of your reason for procrastination. Believing in yourself in deciding. Even though this may not be the ‘best decision, you are putting yourself seriously in the condition.

Once you make your decision, you are taking action to achieve your goals instead of procrastinating. You are moving forward with baby steps, but the compounding effect will definitely bring you the momentum to accomplish what you want.

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