If there is a need, there will be a scam — this is what I thought because I have seen many people around me facing these problems.

If you have read my previous blog post, I guess you will have our sense I want to start my online business and make money online. Well, I admit this because this is one of the purposes I’m joining the ‘creator’ and ‘publisher’ fields.

Okay, let’s get back to the topic for this article.

So, have you received a random message claiming you have a chance to win something before? Or have you seen or hear someone who is playing games that claim will pay?

Well, if you heard of it, congratulations! You have the basic knowledge of preventing scams. If you dropped into their traps before, I felt sorry for you.

But here is a huge thing you need to read carefully. I want to tell you the truth — there is no way people can escape from the trap of scams.

Scammers could find new targeted audiences, use a brand new way, as the title of my article has said to you — if there is a need, there will be a scam.

They are using new methods

A few days ago, I received a message from my Instagram account, claiming that the company will give me free stuff. This sounds nice to me, but I will think who on earth will use an Instagram account that is less than 300 followers?

I am not that stupid, of course.

But, if you are a person with over 500 follows, will you consider this message? I guess you will.

I checked their Instagram account, as well as their website, and they seem quite legit. So, I went to Reddit and see did someone faced the same problem. Here is what I found.

People on the platform complained their Instagram accounts were being hacked. To be honest, I’m not 100% confirm that this platform is a scam because I block this account immediately and report it to Instagram. This ‘hacker’ issue does not happen to me because I accept nothing. Maybe it could be a marketing team that looks like a scam, but I don’t want to expose myself to danger.

But why do people fail into the trap?

Obviously, people want to get free stuff, and the things that are free are definitely a nice bait.

Scammers always using the same method to trick you — you can gain a big output by putting in a small input.

Here, the people who said they reply to this message provided the information that this ‘company’ will only need them to pay for shipping fees. That is cheap, right? You just need to pay a small number of shipping fees, and you will get free jewelry.

This offer looks fascinating, so people buy it. However, what they get at the end is just a cheap-looking necklace.

Well, I have a strong reason to write this article to let you know everything to prevent you from becoming the next victim.

This morning, I received an email from one of my newsletter subscriptions. Here is the message that they forwarded to me.

As you can see, scammers are much cleverer than they used to be.

People are currently losing jobs. Many people are finding ways to make money online. There are over 10 ‘Make Money Online’ groups on Facebook with at least 5000 members and up to 200 thousand members.

Here you could see what is demanding at the moment. People need to make money. When demand is here, scammers see a way to bait you into their trap.

How could they scam you?

Money Games

Money games are been here for quite a decade, but still, there are many people who fail in this trap. Money games are games that claim will pay you money after you have completed their task, but they actually don’t pay. Most money games today won’t ask for your credit card number or the payment method.

They just ask for your email account. So, how do they make money without you hacking into your bank account? The answer here is pretty straightforward: They want you to watch a lot of ads in the game so they could earn money from the advertisement. They could get your information too when you register for the game.

Giving you FREE stuff

Giving away FREE stuff is a very common way of scamming. They may ask you to pay for a small number of shipping fees before you could get your product, just like the case that I was stated above. Even though this is a very common scamming method that everyone knows, even so, there are a few amounts of people who can’t resist clicking the pay button. Don’t buy or pay anything that is not an authority, as you can’t get back your guarantee.

Tell you they are ‘Real Gurus’

This is related to the condition above too. These ‘gurus’ will tell everyone that he or she is rich, make a lot of money online and help you improve your life. So, they want you to buy an overpriced course that can make you six figures a month passively. Another type of ‘gurus’ is those who say they have a way to make money quickly, but you have to join a membership and activate it before you could start earning money.

These are all fake things!

I read through a case a few weeks ago, a young adolescent who wanted to earn some side income. She joined a typing program where she could get jobs through typing scripts and made money. She claimed she earned some income at the beginning, but after a while, the problems came. Her ‘boss’ kept on asking her to input her money for ‘membership’, and she lost thousands of money.

Speed dating

Well, matching soulmates online and have a speed date is a very common scenario these days. However, you will definitely need to beware of scammers. There are a lot!

Scammers may use other good-looking people’s profile pictures as theirs. They will be friendly with you and want to speed up the relationship to get the money from you. Do you think you will be safe if you open your camera? No, it is not at all! You don’t know whether they are watching at you, recording your video, and use it for what purpose.

There are so many ways that scammers could scam you. I can’t really list them all. It can be someone who wants to buy bitcoin through the Internet, or maybe a mom who wants to buy a health product that seems ‘legit’ after watching through the comments and reviews.

It is hard to stop these scams

That is the way scammers make money, and that is their job — they make money by giving you something that doesn’t deserve the price.

Whenever there is a demand, as the examples I have stated above, scammers will have the market to make you take money out of your pocket.

Is there any way that you could protect yourself from becoming the victim?

First, think about everything that you own at the moment, appreciate those things that you have in your hand. Now, think carefully, what do you really need at the moment?

Do you want to make money online??

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to get a relationship?

What do you need urgently? Remember the need that you want in your head. Bear the feelings that you have.

Here is the last question. Do you have a better alternative or a way to achieve your goals?

I hope your answer will be ‘yes’ at this moment.

When you say a ‘yes’, you are promising yourself to ‘take actions’.


Privacy is a tremendous concern. The web today is more complicated than you thought, it is becoming more dangerous. Every footprint that you are on the web is being tracked. You need to learn the way to protect yourself in this network-based world. Remember the appreciation feeling that you went through just now. If you appreciate the things that you owned, you know what is your goals and willing to take action, you will definitely keep yourself away from scams.

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