The heartbeat rate increases unconsciously, the eyebrows become closer and closer to each other, leading to a feeling of ache in our head. Your body turned around all night in bed. You tried hard to close your eyes and forced yourself to stop thinking, but all the approaches that you have done failed.

People suffer hard from anxiety. The more we think, see, and feel, the more anxiety will be produced in our minds. Every human in this world will come across this phrase. As our age grows, our anxiety will be compounding.

“I had terrible anxiety and terrible depression. That’s like the worst thing you could have. You think too much about the past; you get depression. You think too much about the future; you get anxiety.” — NLE Choppa

Relationship between fear and anxiety

Fear is the greatest reason that leads to anxiety. People fear the unknown, fear of imperfection, and fear of failure. These are the fear that dives deep into your body, giving you the pressure that leads to anxiety.

A student will fear examination, thus the stress of scoring remarkable marks will be the source of anxiety.

A parent will fear a financial problem that may cause them to cannot pay off the bills and be unable to give a better life for their children. The burden is extremely large, and the anxiety could be ignored.

A man who just launched his start-up is fear of failure, that he may lose a lot of money and will never succeed again. The anxiety causes him to suffer hard from nightmares, and this is because of his fear.

Fear and anxiety are interrelated, while stress will be the bridge that connects both of them. Knowing the relationship between them helps you to know better your sources of anxiety and solve it.

Find the location of your anxiety

Solving a problem is knowing the aspect that is going wrong and trying to fix it. In order to solve your anxiety, you have to know what makes you feel anxious. Listening to your body, mind, and the inner voice of our body can help us know your source of anxiety.

Here are some questions that could guide you to identify the root of your anxiety.

What are you fearing right now?

Is your fear the reason that causes your anxiety?

Are you feeling anxiety for the past, current, or future?

How long have you been having this feeling?

After answering the questions above, you will find out the source of your fear that makes you feel anxious.

Know the meaning of your fear

Fear of unknown

“I don’t know what am I doing.”

“I’m not sure what is my goals.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

“I don’t know what am I supposed to be.”

The fear of the unknown is the fear that occurs when an individual is lost on a journey. The fear of the unknown will cause you to feel insecure as you are not confident will the steps that you are taking, and thus the feeling of unsecured leads to your anxiety.

Fear of imperfection

“I am not well-prepared.”

“I am still not ready.”

“What if others will judge me?”

“I still have some improvement.”

“My things are still not good enough.”

The fear of imperfection occurs because you are hoping for yourself to be perfect instead of good. The fear of imperfection will cause the problem of suffering hard from deciding as well as continuing to do the next step. When you are suffering from making decisions and procrastinating, your anxiety level will rise unconsciously.

Fear of failure

“I am still looking for timing.”

“What if I lose everything I have?”

“What if people laugh at me?”

“What if my ideas won’t work?”

“My work will not stand out.”

The fear of failure will produce an outcome for people to keep chasing the goals of success instead of focusing on the process that leads to it.

Paying too much attention to the goals will cause you to build your happiness after your goals, instead of during the journey to achieve it, and cause you to be overwhelmed with anxiety.

Slow down, chill, and fix it

Fixing your fear and your anxiety is like fixing the light bulb in your house by yourself — is not a task that you finish immediately. In fact, you need to choose a suitable time and a suitable way to fix it.

In order to fix a light bulb, you need to find out the type of the light bulb, where can you buy it, what tools should you need to fix it, and when can you fix it.

Here, you could have this approach — a LED light bulb, buy it from a nearby grocery store, need a ladder to climb, and fix in on Saturday morning.

Every person will have a different light bulb in their mind, and there will be different ways to solve it. In order to fix the “light bulb”, find a time when you are calm, slow down your thought, chill your brain, think of your problems, and fear fixing them.

Find the calmest time that you have. Think of what is the type of fear that you are facing. Ask yourself, where is your source of fear? What do you need to solve your fear? When you should take action and solve your fear?

Fixing your fear and your anxiety could be a slow and careful process. However, you can always fix it after knowing and admitting the problem that you are tackling.

“Two types of avoidance cause problems for people: avoiding pleasure and avoiding pain.” ― Todd Kashdan, The Upside of Your Dark Side

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