Every time when I open my Facebook account, advertisements that tell me they could help me make money fast online keep on popping up in front of me. After scrolling a few posts on Facebook, the advertisements, claiming to give me something free to hook my eyeballs.

‘Yeah, it sounds nice to me.’

So I sign up for an account and boom — I have dropped into their email lists and become their potential customer in the future.

I know the concepts of marketing; I know how they work, but I can’t control myself chasing those ‘shiny objects’ that claim will improve my life. This was a problem that trapped me for months. I kept on thinking of the best way to start an online business, trying to find the ‘best solution’ that I could afford.

If you are a total beginner like me, knowing nothing about business, you will understand how tiring I feel at that moment. I meet a lot of ‘greedy gurus’ who say to give me free webinars but actually ended up selling their courses or products at an exorbitant price that I couldn’t afford.

Yes, they are not wrong to promote and sell their product after a free sharing, I totally get it because it is a marketing technique.

However, how many ‘greedy gurus’ out there selling their courses are real gurus?

Is it really worth it to use hundreds or thousands to purchase their products?

If I still can’t make any profit after the courses, should I buy another course instead?

This was a terrible repeating cycle

I wanted to start an online business. I saw a free webinar about making money online. The ‘gurus’ promoted their products’ I didn’t buy it and joined another program again.

My mindset completely changes until I meet Miles Beckler, my ‘real guru’ that teaches me how to start my blogging business without asking me to enter my credit card number.

I hate people asking for my credit card number, as I don’t have a credit card. I would appreciate if they disable the credit card opt-in option for free products.

I came across Miles’s YouTube channel and his websites; saw his story that hit my heart, and I knew this guy was the ‘guru’ that I could trust. Back 18 years ago in 2003, Miles faced the same problem as me, but now he can make 1 million of revenue with his websites.

I can’t believe he is giving every one of his experiences for free and doesn’t make a paid course for it. He asks for nothing other than helping you out to start your online business.

Key takeaways from Miles

From Miles’s lesson, the greatest mindset that I have learned is to be prepared for a long-term run. Instead of teaching me to make money fast, he used his case studies and actual experiences to prove me building an online business is time-consuming.

It definitely won’t take months to grow, it needs at least a year!

But it is worth it.

Miles gave me an interesting example in one of his videos from his free course that motivates me — and I would like to share it with you, too.

The Compounding Effect

In his video, Miles talked about the power of compounding.

Here is the question:

Which one will you choose?

A. One million dollars

B. A penny that doubles by itself each day for 30 days

In his video, you could see that in the first week, the penny does not make many changes compared to the one million dollars. Even on day 15 and even day 21, the amount of penny is so small that you can’t even realize that it is doubling.

But, at the end of day 30, the penny actually becomes 5 times more than the one million dollars!

Crazy is it?

When you just start your online business, you need to follow your track. You may be currently still in the stage on day 21. You think you are making no difference and doing nothing …

However, after watching Miles’s video, you now have a mindset that is unnecessary to worry much. Keep on what you are doing and stay focus is the key idea for you to achieve your day 30 on this online business journey.

There are many people who fail to do online business, but they don’t understand the reason that makes people fail.

Well, I need to say congratulation to you because you have the mindset to stay motivated with your online business, and of course, you need to learn how to start it correctly.

Another key takeaway from Miles is to take action.

I have wasted a lot of time researching to find the ‘best’ way to start an online business. The ‘shiny objects’ kept on attracting me and pulled my attention away.

That is enough! I learned from Miles; I need to take action immediately.

I am now the publisher of TreNendo.

I have a live talk with Nattu Adnan , and the greatest advice from this successful entrepreneur is the same as Miles — take action.


Your life won’t change if you don’t take action. To be honest, there is no way to learn ‘how to make money online’. Instead of finding the best solution to make money online, learn the entrepreneur mindset — take action. If you don’t do it now, you won’t see the result. It may come slowly, but it will come in the future. Don’t be afraid that your first step may not be that beautiful, because it will always be better to start than none.

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