People use excuses when they need a shell to protect themselves from being hurt. However, the overuse of negative excuses can bring negative effects to your life rather than creating value.

Reduce lies and fakes, bring more genuineness instead

People will know a sentence as an excuse when it is mixed with lies and falsehoods. The meaning of this sentence is not true, but to satisfy your desires for a false protective film.

For example, when you want to exercise tomorrow, you don’t want to take action because you’re lazy. Of course, you won’t admit that laziness is the reason you refuse to act. Instead, you’ll create an excuse to be a protective film for laziness, making it a false cause to reinforce your rejection of exercise.

The excuse is to deceive your mind with all kinds of false information. It will let you escape your true inner thoughts, dare not face your shortcomings, more reluctant to change your bad habits.

Therefore, if you reduce your bad excuses, you can face up to your inner thoughts and become more sincere.

Stop unnecessary blaming, raise the positivity in life

Many people use excuses to complain, and these complaints are negative energy. When you bring negative energy to most of your sentences, your life becomes depressing, and nothing can be satisfied.

Maybe you’ll think that others succeed today because they have money at home and ignore their efforts, or maybe the next time you’ll think he can get the job done quickly because he’s born smart.

These excuses keep you denying the possibility of trying, and you keep indoctrinating yourself with negative emotions. And such negative thoughts can make you negative and refuse to change your situation.

It will not improve your life to complain about worldly injustices with excuses, but to turn you into a negative energy person, using excuses to escape any opportunity for action.

Leave procrastination, start acting

Excuses become your false protective layer, become your complaints, again and again, bring negative emotions to your life. When you combine these two points into an inherent habit in life, you will unknowingly let excuses delay your journey.

You’ll always delay your exercising schedule as you feel tomorrow will always be a better day to start, or you’ll assume talent and wealth are an excuse to be a success factor until you neglect people who pay their time and efforts.

These bad excuses are like a stumbling block to your decision. Whenever you want to make a decision, a bad excuse will give you the illusion that tomorrow will be better.

This illusion slows you down to decide, so it becomes procrastination. When you reduce your negative excuses, you can act on your actions immediately。

“You can make a million excuses for why something didn’t go well, but ultimately, just fix it and get on with it. Be a solutions person.” — Emily Weiss

How to minimize negative excuses

Knowing your cue and desire

The first way to reduce negative excuses must be to understand your cue and desire at the beginning. You need to understand what causes you to use excuses — and the most common reasons will be fear and escape.

For example, you’ll want to use an excuse to cover up the truth about your late work due to getting up late. You’re afraid of being scolded by your boss.

If you want to exercise but ended up finding an excuse to tell yourself that tomorrow is going to be a better day, then you are avoiding it.

When you know your cause, you’re going to take the medicine. If you don’t want to be scolded, apologize in manner, and promise not to be late again next time. If you think about your health, don’t use excuses to delay your exercise schedule.

Forget grand ambition and focus on small goals

When you focus too much on your grand ambition, it is hard to keep on doing it—you feel overwhelmed and want to give up, as it seems to be a mission impossible.

Once you focus on small goals step by step, then you will not find an excuse to escape the goals you have set, as small goals are much easier to achieve compared to a huge ambition.

Confidence is the key to break negative excuses

Another important way is to find your confidence. Let confidence break your negative excuses. When you have confidence, you will no longer complain about injustice in the world, and you will not care about the eyes of others.

You won’t make excuses for your actions, because you’re no longer running away from anything — you’re proud of what you’re doing, and confidence gives you a positive attitude to life.

Discover the inner fear that stops you

Excuses arise between fear and escape, so only by finding your innermost fears can you stop your negative excuses.

Facing your deepest fear is not horrible, and is it a way that can make you know more about yourself. Fear is the source of all negative emotions, but when you face your fears, the negative emotions disappear.

Put down over-perfectionism and minimize comparison

Over-perfectionism always stops people from continuously deciding, as they will always stop and wait when they feel that they are “not good enough”.

Don’t let perfection be an enemy of your good and never make “not good enough” be the excuse to avoid yourself from proceeding.

Making decisions and get things done are hard to accomplish, but your excuses should not procrastinate your journey, and you shouldn’t stay unnecessarily in the waiting room.


Negative excuses minus the value in your life, so you should minimize them to gain back great value in your life. By minimizing your negative excuses, you could have more space for positive value to get into your room.

For example, productivity and self-improvement are excellent forms of positive values that could make your life become better. Thus, minimize your negative excuses and take action to create a better version of yourself.

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