Relaxing is always a hard task for me to achieve and I have been struggling hard for years to relax. It’s hard for people nowadays to relax, — every time your forehead tightens, your head explodes, but you still can’t rest because there’s a lot of unfinished business.  

As a full-time student, I need to study hard to maintain my grades to get a scholarship, and I have to go to accomplish extracurricular activities that bring me a lot of pressure. I was a  part-time school reporter and magazine editor, and now I am a part-time blogger, which shows that I am constantly busy.

Everyone is busy every day. It can be family members’ issues, personal financial problems, or can be learning and working, the source of stress again. We all want to relax, be quiet, step around to the nearby park, or go to the beach to see the beauty of the sunset.

At that time, I got up suddenly in the early hours of the morning, woke up from nightmares, and couldn’t go back to bed. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep all night due to insomnia, I was worried about the things that I was going to do the next day, thinking about what should I do tomorrow every night.

Fortunately, I have learned the way to relax. That is the pace I want to make me mentally and physically comfortable.

To learn how to relax, you must know how to release stress and anxiety

After 5 years of studying how to relax, I found that to relax; I need to learn how to relieve my stress and anxiety. Human origin is sentimental, we have a lot of emotions, and emotions will bring us all kinds of troubles.

We have negative emotions, anger, and sadness.  And these negative emotions bring us only infinite stress and anxiety. Knowing how to release stress and trouble is not an easy task. Everyone knows this, but not everyone can do it.

A few years ago, I was seeing my shortcomings as bad things, and I felt that what I did was not perfect at all. Most of the time, I was worried about the eyeballs around me — I need to establish a good image.

On the downside of the past few years, I encountered some difficulties. I had little to zero friends to seek help from, so I couldn’t talk about my emotions. All these reasons are my source of stress — the most fundamental emotions that are suppressed deep down in our soul but cannot be vented.  These emotions bring us only pain, precipitation in the heart of the unhappy decision that makes us can not relax.  

Know your emotions

As I said above, humans are the most emotional creatures. Whether it’s a good emotion or a bad one, we’re sensitive. To relax, we need to understand our sources of stress. The source of stress comes from nothing more than your troubles, unhappiness, and anxiety.  

How to identify your sources of emotions?

You have to choose a time that is your calmest moment, relax, close your eyes, and think about what is causing you endless anxiety.  Once you know the root cause of the problem, ask yourself these questions at once:

Do I have a way to fix it?

How much time do I need to spend solving this problem?

Is there any other way for me to solve the problem?

When you calm down and ask yourself these questions, you’ll find that you already have an answer. We always feel anxious and worried because we’re unknowingly lost when we are trying to solve problems.

A moment of confusion will make our mood tight and no way to relax. This method allows you to find your way back quickly when solving problems without losing yourself.  

Vent your emotions

When you understand the source of your troubles, you need to think about how to release them. Knowing how to release pressure and worry is a valuable thing to learn. If you can’t vent it when you’re in anxiety, it’s just piling up in your heart longer and deeper until you break down.

So how do you release your stress?

You need to find the right way

Write them out

Writing is a good way to vent.  You can use words and think of them as your closest friend. Vent any negative feelings you have about it.  It won’t blame you and won’t be unhappy with your venting.   

When you write a journal, you don’t have to worry about someone seeing your privacy, you can vent whatever you want and no one will bother you.   

You can make a journal of your own, record your mood every day. Slowly you will find that your mood changes every day.  Record each day’s feelings, clearly written not only a good for you to release your stress but also a way to observe their mood change.   

When you start recording your mood, you’ll find that you’re taking steps every day, thinking about ways to improve your mood,  which is a good place to start.  You can make a handwritten journal or a digital journal.

Find a listener

Finding a listener is not a simple task, because not everyone will accept other people’s negative emotions. But thanks to the development of modern technology, we can talk to virtual assistants.

There is a lot of software that can help us understand and feel our inner emotions and provide a platform for us to write down our emotions. If you want recognition and encouragement from others, Virtual Assistant is a great platform for talking.

Slow yourself down

Our life pace is too fast, and sometimes it’s too late to think about the next step, and we’re busy with new things. Slowing down not only allows us to feel the original things but also gives us time to give ourselves a little quiet space. 

When I’m nervous, I choose to do meditation, which is the only way to save my years of insomnia. As a novice starts, you can try a guided meditation. I will do it at least three times a day – morning meditation, break meditation, and sleep meditation.

Morning meditation can help me to energize my whole day after I have done my breath of fire. I have the willpower to continue my routine for the whole day. Break meditation is essential for me to become more focused and avoid procrastination. It helps me a lot to relax after a long day of work.

While for sleep meditation, it is the most important part for me because I have suffered a lot from insomnia. Meditation can help me to solve this problem and my mind is so much clearer after relaxing. My memory is better as well as it boosts my productivity.

Look for a suitable sleeping timetable

I know it sounds a bit weird, but a sleeping timetable actually works. Every people have a different sleeping routine. To really relax your body and revive it, you need to plan your sleep well. For me, my best sleeping time is from 11 pm to 5 am, and I usually need about 6 to 7 hours of sleeping, sometimes even less.

This is not a habit for everyone, but this is a habit for me. If I sleep too much over this range, I will have a bad headache. Sounds odd, right? But this is true!

For you to boost your mentality and daily performance, you need to find your best sleeping timetable. You can slowly monitor your body every day after waking and see whether you feel your day is great. If you wake up without feeling gloomy, the timetable is suitable for you.


Relaxing can make your body feel calm, and your mind feels clearer. You can think better and your daily emotions will be better. Learning how to relax is a good way for you to know more about your body. Feel the sign and the need of your body to give it the rest that it needs. If you feel that your body is overwhelming, it is time for you to relax.

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