You scroll on Instagram, see someone post his brand-new Lamborghini. Or you swipe across IG story and see she is showing her new Chanel bag.

This influencer has over 100 thousand followers, well maybe is because she is beautiful and skinny.

He always traveling around the world and is financially free — he is so rich!

People are very yearning for other people’s lives, feeling that others are always the best, worthy of envy. Thanks to the development of social media in recent years, people are more likely to see other people’s ‘good’. But does the ‘good’ really matter in life?

“It doesn’t matter whether you are born with a silver spoon, plastic spoon, or no spoon at all. It’s not the circumstances by which you come into this world, but what you make of them once you arrive that matters.” Mike Myatt

This sentence makes sense. No matter how ‘good’ a man is, if he can’t well use this hard-won “good”, then he is a meaningless presence for this society.


One factor that people feel is unfair is an unfair advantage. Many times, we envy talented people: they may be Harvard graduates, or they may be famous for mastering a skill. These people are all summed up as having unfair advantages because people who graduate from prestigious schools or have a reputation are more likely to gain the trust of others.

To put it another way, if you go to a hospital to see a doctor, the advice given by a specialist with a Ph.D. will be more persuasive than that given by a recent college graduate. This is an unfair advantage.

Unfair advantages can be your profession, your experience, or your talent. The good news is, unfair advantages can be got day by day because personal education, skills, and experiences can be honed through time.


Luck is a thing that everyone wants. Some people can get rich overnight; some people meet their soulmates for their life, and some people can change their lives through an opportunity.

This rare opportunity is very enviable, and because of this people will feel that the world is unfair — why do people are doing the same thing, but only he can succeed, and I can’t.

Because the birth of the lucky ones is so scarce, it is unfair to be accused of being in the world all the time. The number of people who succeed by trying to get the hang of it is very common and acceptable by most people, but there is also a small percentage of people who are completely uninsured in their efforts, just because they are very lucky to succeed — which sounds unfair.

Born to be

But there are also some people who are more unfair than the lucky ones – the group of people that are born with everything. They may have been born into rich families with no worries, to have the wealth that others have struggled for a lifetime.

Of course, there are some people who are also good-looking, rich and have a high education level. These people seem to be born more successful than others. Their starting line comes differently, living in a life that an ordinary person cannot imagine.  

We are all are very envious and unconsciously complain about the injustice of the world. Why these people do not need to struggle, but we struggle all our lives and still are ordinary humans?

The starting line has changed

Yes, we all envy others, and the world seems to be so unfair. But do you know, the more things a person owns, the more he must pay – maintaining the starting line is not a simple task, and if it can’t be sustained for a long time, it will only turn out to be a failure.

Suppose you are a highly educated person or a celebrity, and in order to run your reputation and professionalism over the long term, you need to update your expertise.

Every move you make affects your future development. A doctor cannot make any medical errors, and a celebrity is restricted from speaking out. They are painful because they can’t do whatever they want—they lose their freedom.

As for the lucky ones, how long can their luck last? The benefits of short-term luck just last at the beginning, and long-term success takes time and effort to operate.

A “lucky” entrepreneur needs to learn to market techniques and management to prepare for future career development, and a person who meets his soulmate needs mutual understanding for the rest of his life to sustain the relationship.

It’s not fair to have luck, but if he can’t sustain the chances that luck gives him in the long run, he’ll get nothing.

“Luck won’t be there forever, the only thing that is within you is your mindset.”

The pathway for rich people is scheduled by their parents before they are born. They need to learn to communicate and master all kinds of knowledge. Their lives were arranged and most of them can’t live in the way they want.

“Becoming wealthy is not that difficult as it seems, but maintaining you wealth is harder than you think”

Being a good-looking person is not a lucky thing. They will always live under people’s attention because of their appearance, their behavior is limited, and living in a very stressful scenario. Also, appearance is something that will be lost over time and won’t last long.

“Inner beauty is said to be the true beauty because it won’t leave you unless you leave it.”

Upgrade yourself to fight the unfairness

Complaining and blaming about dissatisfaction can indeed make you happier and help you release your stress, but just venting can’t help you change the rest of your life. If you want to change your life, you must do these:

1. Do not fear reading

2. Make learning your routine

3. Create value for people

4. Take actions


If you look at a broad view, this world is unfair and everyone is born unequal, which means every people on this planet is unique. However, if you dive deeper and have a look, you will see it is difficult to maintain the things that are brought by ‘unfair’. Life is a long journey, and this is the only route that you are walking.

You don’t need to bother how other people are living, because you are them are different individuals with different living purposes. The thing that matters is how would like your life to be. If you want to change your life, you must do things right and do the right things. Stop complaining about the unfairness, gratitude the things that you own, and keep on walking your route.

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